Candidate Services


The following services are offered on an hourly basis at a standard rate. Please call us to discuss this rate and determine which services are right for you.


Resume Services

A professional and carefully crafted resume opens the door to opportunity. We have the expertise to highlight your skill set and summarize your success story. A creative menu makes the cuisine appealing in succinct language. A carefully crafted resume can create the right first impression and get you to the all-important first interview.


Search Strategy

We have completed many searches on behalf of client companies. Now we offer individual,one-on-one strategy mapping for people looking for new positions. We cover basic skills (networking, benchmarking, prospecting, etc.) to help get you started or to keep you moving until you cross the finish line.


Interview Coaching

Prepared candidates interview well. They get invited back. And they get offers. We can tell you what to expect and help you get ready. Interviewing is not rocket science. We can take the mystery and guesswork out of it. Interviewing well is a necessary skill. And one that can help you stand out in the crowd.


Offer Negotiation

Would you like to talk with someone who has negotiated hundreds of compensation agreements? Would you like help picking up the signals in the stages leading up to the offer? Want to know how and when to ask for something? Like to know that you’re maximizing the possibilities?