Our role: Provide concrete information on which to base the best hiring decision.

Jackson+Maxwell+Raynard provides a unique set of deliverable documents during the search project. These documents have been developed over the years to assist clients make each critical hiring decision. We believe:

1, good information exchange is at the core.

2. a better process delivers better results.

3. full and complete disclosure works best.

4. We promise to deliver these documents to our clients:


An enhanced job description created as a selling tool. In addition to duties, title and responsibilities, it includes competitive information, career tracking, company culture and answers the universal question “why?”


A line listing of the essential skills and experiences necessary to be considered for and, ultimately, to be successful in the role. This serves as a “report card” to compare and contrast candidates in critical qualifications.


Summaries of discussions with a candidate about the position and their background. We attempt to capture their voice and present their thoughts in clear language. Comments are added if desired by clients.


A weekly update from a unique database created for the specific position. We cast a wide net. Client companies receive a listing of every candidate or source identified and contacted. This is valuable framing information.


Candidates’ comments after interviews. These snapshots help determine genuine interest and enthusiasm. During the course of the search process, we are looking for increasing expressions of interest in the position.


We perform degree checks and compensation verification in addition to employment references. We ask broad, open ended questions of previous supervisors or colleagues to substantiate the information.