1. Assess client needs to capture the unique feeling and flavor

    a) confer with primary contact to establish chemistry
    b) tour client facility to capture a sense of the environment
    c) meet interview team to synchronize group priorities

2. Develop basic materials to broadcast the opportunity

     a) write position specification to add excitement
     b) distill criteria matrix to outline essential skills
     c) receive client approvals to unify representation

3. Define search universe to map the recruiting strategy

     a) identify competitive targets to reach people in the field
     b) classify like environments to locate transferable skills
     c) find common vendors, sources to penetrate other firms

4. Construct project timeline to set tactical priorities

      a) schedule project agenda to synchronize calendars  
      b) set realistic expectations to anticipate the challenges
      c) share contact information to simplify communication

5. Qualify appropriate candidates to bring forward the best

      a) begin active phase to call and email search universe
      b) send status reports to provide progressive snapshot
      c) interview select candidates to determine skills, chemistry

6. Present progress results to keep client up to speed

      a) send resumes, conversation notes to explain discovery
      b) evaluate search progress to refine strategy and tactics
      c) analyze industry information to gather competitive data

7. Interview best candidates to sample talent population

      a) schedule client - candidate interviews to make best use of time
      b) prepare, debrief both parties to create warm communication
      c) move or eliminate candidates to keep momentum going

8. Check multiple references to corroborate candidate impression

      a) verify degrees and credentials to ascertain veracity
      b) question past, present employers to establish track record
      c) send results to client to share third party perspective

9. Negotiate compensation offer to assure both sides agree

      a) pre - qualify candidate to guarantee rapid acceptance
      b) discuss other issues to clear potential obstacles
      c) prep resignation, set start date to finalize agreement

10. Maintain transition communication to walk through the change

      a) exchange information with candidate to keep contact
      b) encourage client - candidate interaction to enhance connection
      c) step into background to allow the relationship to mature